From humble beginnings

Our legacy began in 1979 when our founder and chairman, Byron Guyer, began selling solderless terminals out of his garage to local electrical distributors across the state of Florida. This was the founding of Spectrum Technologies, later known as Spectrum Products, a company that grew to become a major supplier of solderless terminals, cable ties and electricians fasteners to distributors across the Southeast United States.

In 1988, Byron sold his share of the blossoming company to a silent investor and left the business he founded.  Shortly thereafter, it became clear that Byron’s entrepreneurial spirit could not be extinguished, and he decided to do it all over again, starting Positive Fastener Corporation in 1990.  From a small rented office space in San Antonio, Florida, he slowly began building a company patterned after his last.  Renaming the company, now Positive Technologies, Inc, he oversaw a rapid expansion, outgrowing multiple warehouses and expanding our product offering two fold.  By 1998, after only 8 years in business, Positive Technologies, Inc would outgrow his original company.

Today, Posi-tech has become a favored resource for hundreds of distributors across the United States.  We are proud to provide our clients with a simplified purchasing option and personalized attention in a day and age where our competition is working harder than ever to automate their sales process. With over 5000 unique products, Posi-tech has grown to become a proven asset for some of the largest distributors in the country.

The Guyer family sincerely thanks our extended family, our clients, for our continued success.