Positive Technologies, Inc. (Posi-tech) warrants products to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year from the date of delivery to the purchaser buying direct from Positive Technologies, Inc. or it’s authorized distributor. This warranty includes, but is not limited to, those products manufactured to a specification supplied by the purchaser. Any defects appearing more than one year from the date of delivery to the purchaser shall be deemed wear and tear. Positive Technologies, Inc. assumes no risk or liability for the suitability or unsuitability or results of the use of its products used in combination with any electrical or electronic components, circuits, systems, mechanical devices, construction projects, assemblies, or any other material or substances or environments. The purchasers right under this warranty shall consist soley of requiring Positive Technoogies, Inc. to repair, or in Positive Technologies, Inc.’s sole discretion, replace, free of charge, FOB factory, any defective items received at it’s factory within said year, as determined by Positive Technologies, Inc., to be defective.

All products to be returned to Positive Technologies, Inc., For evaluation under this warranty shall fi rst receive return authorization from Positive Technologies, Inc. All products returned without authorization may be returned at senders expense. The failure to give, or the giving of any advice or recommendations by Positive Technologies, Inc. shall not constitute any warranty by, or impose any liability upon Positive Technologies, Inc.. The sole and exclusive remedy of the purchaser and the exclusive liability of Positive Technologies, Inc., are outlined and stated above, and is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed, implied, or statuatory as to merchantability, fi tness for the purpose sold, description, quality, productiveness, or any other matter. In no event shall Positive Technologies, Inc. be liable for consequential or special damages, or for the delay in the performance of this warranty.

The information contained within this catalog and the functions offered are intended to provide information about products available for purchase from Positive Technologies, Inc. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. Positive Technologies, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any errors or unexpected un-fulfillment of shipments. Positive Technologies, Inc. does not warrant the accuracy and reserves the right to make changes to the catalog and at any time without notice.