Introducing Python Wraps, a premium nylon cable tie available exclusively from Posi-tech.  Made right here in the United States, you can be confident knowing that our ties are designed for maximum performance in the toughest environments.

Made from the 100% virgin Nylon 6/6 , Python Wraps do not contain regrind or secondary plastics that are often seen in some import and even domestic competitors. Nylon 6/6 possesses hydroscopic properties which means that it allows for the absorption and release of moisture. As a result, Python Wraps are far less susceptible to dry rot seen in lesser ties.

Python Wraps also utilize a three tooth pawl design that locks the tie in three places along the serrated side, offering the highest strength possible. Additionally, Python Wraps exceed the listed tensile strengths, so you can be certain of proper application without fear of breakage due improper load calculations in the harshest environments.

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Posi-tech manufactures a wide variety of box grounding products right here in our Tampa facility. With a variety of sizes available, we can create pigtails in virtually any length your spec requires and we stock common sizes in our Tampa DC for immediate shipment.

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Python Wrap shrink tubing insulates, provides strain relief and protects against mechanical damage and abrasion. Our tubing comes in a wide range of materials, sizes, colors and materials, varying by product family.

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